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Welcome to Sports Picks Guru

This site was created to provide some Quality insight on weekly sports games (Against The Spread) from some of the best Handicappers online.

Our Daily TOP PICKS are shown to everyone... but if you would like to see all the picks of every sport (available) for the day, you will be required to Login to the site.
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This information provided is strictly an opinion and is offered as a wise suggestion when making your wagers....
YOU still are the one making the wager and thus YOU ultimately are responsible for the results, Good or Otherwise.

This site is unique in that it does not charge for the information provided, however Donations are much appreciated...
IF you are WINNING with this information, maybe provide 1%-5% of your winnings to help upkeep the site and its Handicappers....

UPDATE: We have come to the point where our donations have become insufficient to cover costs for our operation and efforts...
Given this situation, we will be changing our service to provide full access to everyone who has made a proper donation
Starting November 15th, not only will you be required to login to see all our pics, but will have had to make a donation to our service.
Current donations will run through the 2015 calendar year - if you had previously donated you will be grandfathered in and will have full service through the 2015 year.
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